The definition of success

TEJP – part 2

This is a blog series about my quest to write a two way binding javascript library for browsers. Read Part 1 – Introduction here.

So, to be able to succeed the first step has to be a definition of what success looks like. In other words, what features are required by my library? Right now I think that the best architecture is to split the library in two:

  • A type library that can monitor objects and report changes to them.
  • A library that can act as a layer between my library and the DOM.

First, a list of the features I think are required for an library:

  • Set watchers on objects (including primitive types, arrays and objects).
  • Get watchers
  • Delete watchers.
  • Publish events when a watch object has changed or has been deleted.
  • Subscribe to object changed events.

And the DOM update module needs to be able to:

  • Bind DOM nodes to objects. An infinite number of nodes should be bindable to each object.
  • Update specific parts of the Not too long of a list, but I’m sure it’s incomplete at this moment. So the part about knowing what success looks like to be able to succeed is probably BS. I’ll just know when I have succeeded.

As the functionality is what intrigues me most that is where I’ll start. The repo is available at