Fix high CPU usage by Sublime Text

I recently had me favorite editor, Sublime Text 3, crash on me when I was trying to upgrade some plugins. Not a big problem, I just had to run through my plugins and reinstall some of them manually. But the next day I noticed my MBP fans running like crazy and when I hopped into the Activity Monitor the reason was obvious, two Sublime sub-processes was running the CPU at close to 90 %. At first I thought it had something to do with Package Control trying to update some broken package, but the usual fix of disabling all packages didn’t seem to help. So I turned to Google…

Long story short – I found this thread on the Sublime Text forum and a person who had the same problem as me, and solved it by clearing out the Index folder in Sublime. Read his post for the full version, with error finding and all. The TL;DR version is below.


In ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/ is a folder called Index. It contains a number of files, and to be honest I’m not sure what their specific job is. Nor does it seem to matter. Just make sure that Sublime isn’t running, rename the Index folder or something that will keep it safely out of Sublime’s way, and create a new, empty folder called Index.

Voilá, when you restart Sublime your CPU won’t have to deal with Sublime being all needy anymore!