Frontend web developer with many years of experience, specializing in JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

I’m one of the lucky ones, I get to work with something that I truly passionate about. I love taking part in the many phases of frontend development, from strategizing and development, through development and testing, to optimization and refactoring.

My primary field of expertize is JavaScript, CSS and HTML. I’m as comfortable writing vanilla JS or plain old CSS as I am using a frontend framework like Angular or Backbone or a CSS precompiler like SASS or Stylus. I have a broad understanding of the full web stack, including EcmaScript 5 and EcmaScript 6, the DOM with all its quirks, HTML5 and its related APIs, JSON, SVG, testing frameworks aswell as advanced CSS with animations and transitions.

I have a burning passion for UX and user centric design and have been involved in all parts of the UX life cycle, from ironing out purpose and goals of a product, through user interviews and interpretation of them, to realizing and producing a product that fullfills the goals of both the product and the user. Can perform UX evaluations to help teams improve existing designs.

I have worked in plenty of teams and is comfortable with Agile methods like Scrum or Kanban, or subsets and adaptions thereof.